Terms And Conditions
I.  By Accepting THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS You Will Be Obligated To Adhere To The Points Detailed Below.

II.   Customers Are Advised To Carefully Check All Details On This Form Specifically with Reference To The orthography And Dates In The Inscription. No Responsibility Can Be Accepted For Errors Notified After The Acceptance And Signing Of This Contract And Approval Of The Final Layout. Whilst We Take Into Account All Instructions Received, The Final Arrangement Of The Inscription As Well As The Font Used Is Completely At The Discretion Of The Memorial Specialist.

III. Every Effort Is Made To Ensure Delivery Within A Reasonable Time; However, No Responsibility Can Be Accepted For Delay Due To Adverse Weather Conditions, Non-delivery Of Materials, Labour Disputes Or Other Circumstances Beyond The Control Of The Memorial Specialist. Subject To The Above It Is Estimated That Orders Will Take Approximately 12 Working Weeks To Manufacture Following The Receipt Of Cemetery Permit And Final Payment.

IV. Alterations May Be Required To Comply With The Burial Grounds Application. Any Revision Needed Shall Be Done And Resubmitted After Customer Has Signed The Updated Final Layout. THE MEMORIAL SPECIALIST Will Keep As Close As Possible To The Original Design.
V. If The Cemetery Or Burial Ground Authority Refuses Permission For The Memorial / Gravestones To Be Erected, For Reasons Which Could Not Be Foreseen By The Customer When Signing The Agreement And For A Problem That Can Not Be Rectified, The Memorial Specialist Agrees To Refund The Customer All Payments Received Minus A £50 Administration Fee And Neither Party Shall Have Any Further Claim On The Other.

VI. Prices Quoted For Any Unique Feature, Alteration Or Additional Work Not Included In The Original Order Will Be Confirmed To The Customer Within 21 Days Of The Order Being Placed. During This Period, We Reserve The Right To Fluctuate The Price Quoted Accordingly Or To Decline Altogether At Our Sole Discretion.
VII. Orders That Incorporate Kerbing To Memorials /Gravestones, Unless Otherwise Stated, Can Not Exceed 1’6″ X 2’6″ And Can Only By Fixed On Level And Firm Ground That Is Easily Accessible By The Masons.

VIII. All Materials Used By THE MEMORIAL SPECIALIST Have Been Naturally Quarried And Therefore Are Subject To Natural Blemishes And Small Imperfections. All Memorials / Gravestones Are Sold Subject To These Natural Blemishes And Any Ornamental Work Which The Memorial Specialist Considers Necessary. However It Is Guaranteed, That Any Such Defects Will In No Way Be Detrimental To The Integrity Of The Memorials / Gravestones concerned. Any Paints, Gold Leaf, Lead Or Foreign Bodies Applied To The Lettering Or Memorial / Gravestones Can Only Be Guaranteed For A Period That Can Be Reasonably Expected.

IX. Unless Otherwise Stated All Inscriptions Will Be Of Our Standard Stock Font And Etched By Means Of Sandblasting.

X. Our Silver Lettering Option Refers To The Application Of Silver Enamel To The Engraved Memorial /Gravestones, Should The Customer Require Lead Lettering, An Application For Additional Costs Must First Be Made And Agreed.

XI. PHOTO IMAGES. The Quality Of The Photo-plaque /laser Etched Photo Depends Entirely On The Appropriateness Of The Photograph Supplied By The Customer. A Proof Of The Image Will Be Sent Via Email Or Post For Approval. The Memorial Specialist Reserves The Right To Make Alteration To The Photograph To Enhance The Final Product, The Return Of Customer’s Original Photographs Cannot Be Guaranteed Due To The Nature Of The Reproduction Process. It Is ONLY On These Terms That We Can Accept Such Instructions.

XII. Unless Specifically Stated All Design Additions On Polished Granite Memorials / Gravestones Are Acquired By Etching/sandblasting Into The Surface And Not By Relief Carving.
XIII. It Is The Customer’s Obligation To Inform The Memorial Specialist Prior To This Contract Being Signed If The Grave Is Situated On Sloping Ground Or Cannot Be Accessed Easily With The Memorial / Gravestones (photos May Need To Be Provided). The Memorial Specialist Reserves The Right To Make An Additional Charge Where Additional Work And/or Change To The Specification Is Required To Adapt The Memorial / Gravestones To Suit Sloping Ground Or To Comply With Burial Ground Regulations. It Is Also The Responsibility Of The Customer To Ensure That The Grave Is Clear In Readiness For The Memorial / Gravestone Installation.

XIV. Burial Ground Fees Are Not Included In The Price Quoted For Materials And Installation Of The Memorial / Gravestones.  Any Fees Charged By The Relevant Authority Will Be Separately Invoiced Along With Any Alterations Made To The Final Layout.

XV. Customers Are Requested To Place A Clear Marker On The Grave (with The Full Name And Dates According To The Final Layout) And Provide A Clear Sketch Or Map Indicating The Location.

XVI. REMOVAL OF EXISTING MEMORIALS / GRAVESTONES. It Is The Customer’s Responsibility To Inform THE MEMORIAL SPECIALIST Of Any Existing Memorial For Removal/disposal At The Time Of Purchase. Failure To Do So Will Result In An Additional Removal Fee Of £100.

XVII. TERMS OF PAYMENT. All Products Must Be Paid For In Full On Ordering. Subsequent Alteration Costs Are To Be Settled Along With Cemetery Fees. Manufacture Will Not Commence Until The Final Payment And Cemetery Permit Has Been Received.
XVIII. The Remaining Payment Over And Above The Standard Costing Shall Be Made Within 21 Days Of The Invoice Date. Payment Sent By Post Shall Be Entirely At The Risk Of The Customer.
XIX. PRICE REVISION. Where Delays Are Unduly Caused By Customers Not Complying With A Reasonable Request For Information Or Payments, The Memorial Specialist Reserve The Right To Update The Contract To Current List Price.
XX. CANCELLATION. The Customer’s Signature On The Form Indicates Acceptance Of All Conditions Of Sale And Renders The Document A Legal Contract Not Subject To Cancellation Except At The Discretion Of The Memorial Specialist On Payment By The Customer Of Adequate Compensation. If Default Is Made By The Customer In Paying Any Extra Over Costs Past The Allowed 21 Days, The Company Reserves The Right To Cancel This Contract So Retaining Any Monies Received.

XXI. Customers Have 21 Days To Dispute Payment For Goods. It Must Be Received By The Memorial Specialist In Writing Within 21 Days Of Invoice.

XXII. After Full And Final Payment Has Been Made The Title Of Goods Will Be Passed From The Memorial Specialist To The Customer, Until Such Time The Memorial Specialist Remains The Rightful Owner Of The Memorial / Gravestones.

XXIII. The Memorial Specialist Reserves The Right To Use Photographs Of Any Memorial / Gravestons Supplied For The Purpose Of Advertising Or Incorporation To The Website As Well As The Right To Place The Company Details Where Deemed Fit.