Size 9″x12″ A4 Black Granite Gold Letters

///Size 9″x12″ A4 Black Granite Gold Letters

Size 9″x12″ A4 Black Granite Gold Letters


Size 9″x12″ A4

These plaques add a little prestige to any home with a high polished finish.

Due to the 1/4″ thinkness they are ideal for attaching to walls and stable doors.

Fixings included.


Beautifully hand crafted granite memorial plaques including 50 letters and free delivery; NO HIDDEN COSTS.

With a polished face and matt honed sides that add contrast to the piece. At over 1″ thick, it is suitable to withstand the elements. With the high quality finish this plaque can sit by an existing memorial or stand alone. Memorial plaques are suitable for your pets memorial stones, grave markers, garden signs and for additional inscriptions to go alongside an existing memorial. Memorial plaques are created in the traditional style to make an impressive memorial wherever they are displayed. Memorial plaques are perfect for any occasion; gifts, family, decorative features or memorial plaques. A perfect memorial plaque shows your love or memorial for any one for many years. We design your memorial plaques with beautiful images, motifs and words perfectly on your personal choice.

Inscription/layout procedure:

Once your order has been placed, a computerised layout will be sent out via email. You will then be asked to check the layout/design for any errors (such as dates and orthography) then send confirmation back to us. Your order will be delivered within 14 days.


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