Ogee Memorial Headstones are a type of grave marker characterized by a curved, S-shaped design. They are typically made of granite and can feature engraved designs or inscriptions. The ogee shape is a popular choice for headstones due to its elegant and timeless appearance.



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The Ogee memorial headstone is a popular choice for marking a grave that is ideal for families who want something traditional with space for multiple names. This headstone is typically made of black granite, but it can also be made in other colors and materials. Local stonemasons can create this type of headstone at a relatively low cost, making it an affordable option for many families. The design of the Ogee headstone is flexible and can be customized to meet specific needs or preferences. If you are interested in this type of low cost grave stone, it is recommended that you contact local stonemasons to discuss your specific requirements and to get a quote for the memorial.

  • Part & All polished granite
  • 3 sizes
  • 8 unique material choices

Coloured Granites are :-

  1.  Ruby Red Granite
  2. Tropical Green Granite
  3.  Blue Pearl Granite
  4.  Paradiso Granite
  5. White Rose Granite
  6.  Star Galaxy

Small H21″x W18″x D3″ Base 18″x10″x3″  

Standard H27″x W21″xD3″ Base 24″x12″x3″

Large H30″x W24″x D4″ Base 30″x12″x4″



Inscription/layout procedure:

Once your order has been placed, a computerized layout will be sent out via email or post. You will then be asked to check the layout/design for any errors (such as dates and orthography) and sign and return the document to us. At that point we will hold the order for 14 days to ensure you are completely satisfied, thus allowing you a cooling-off period within which to make any changes necessary before your order proceeds to the final stages of creation.