The Memorial Specialist has an extensive range of Memorial plaques, engraved plaque / plaques, pet plaque Memorial headstones, gravestones and grave memorials suitable for all types of bereavement including child/children’s, churchyards, cemeteries, personal and pets / animal.Just type what text you would like to appear on you Plaque / plaques, then a computer layout will be sent to you for conformation.
All vases are delivered to your home, so you may place them at your own convenience. Low postage & No zone charge

Memorial plaques are suitable for your pets, home, garden and for additional inscriptions. Our granite plaques are created in the traditional style and make an impressive memorial wherever they are displayed. So Granite plaques are perfect for any occasion; gifts, family portraits, decorative features or memorial plaques. A perfect granite plaques show your love or memorial for any one for many years.

So we Design your own granite plaque with beautiful images, motifs and words perfectly on your personal choice. Some of them are displaying here.